Institution:Universitat Politècnica de València
Position:Profesor Asociado
Research:1- Comunicación política digital. | 2- Marketing digital. | 3- Comportamiento organizacional.


Tomás Baviera Puig holds a bachelor’s degree in telecommunications engineering (1999) from the Polytechnic University of Valencia and a PhD in communication from the University of Valencia. Additionally, he holds an MA in Communication Management and New Technology (2008) from the COSO Foundation. He was the director of the La Alameda residential college from 1999 to 2012 and of the Albalat residential college (2013-2014), both under the University of Valencia. He was visiting researcher at the Center for Business Ethics at the University of Bentley, in Massachusetts (2012-2013). He teaches in the MA in Scientific Communication and the MA in Teacher Training at the Valencian International University. He is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Institute for Ethics in Communication and Organizations (IECO). He was IECO’s Project Director from 2013 to 2016. His interest in literature has led him to publish articles on Dostoyevsky, Chesterton, Newman and Tolkien, in addition to collaborating with Radio Ondavoz (Madrid) as literary critic.