Institution:Universitat de València
Position:Profesor asociado
Research:Televisión, comunicación política, comunicación digital externa e interna en empresas e instituciones


Benjamín Marín Pérez holds a PhD in Journalism (Universidad Complutense of Madrid, 2000), a Master Executive degree in Business Management and Marketing (ESIC, 2015) and a Master degree in Social communication of Scientific Research (VIU, 2018). He is Associate Professor since 2003 in the Department of Theory of Languages and Communication Sciences (Universitat de València), having taught as well in other universities (VIU, UCH CEU). Marín worked as dircom of the Valencian Pavilion in Expo’92 and as journalist, editor and host in Canal 9, having been awarded with Premio ONDAS 2007. Currently, he is a news and sports journalist in the regional TV/Radio À Punt. His main areas of study are TV, political communication and internal/external digital communication in companies and institutions.