Institution:Universitat de València
Position:Profesor Ayudante Doctor
Research:1- Metodologías de investigación en comunicación: Centra su investigación en las nuevas tecnologías de la comunicación bajo el paradigma del análisis cuantitativo, estadística inferencial y la teoría del framing. | 2- TIC´s y nuevas tecnologías en comunicación: análisis del discurso iconográfico televisivo, realización televisiva, persuasión audiovisual y empatía cognitiva.


Sebastián Sánchez Castillo, holds a PhD in Audiovisual Communication from the University of Valencia, in addition to a BA in Art History. He is also Associate Professor accredited by Spain’s National Agency for Quality Evaluation and Accreditation (ANECA). He has worked in RTVV since 1989 to 2013 and he teaches in the Department of the Theory of Language and Communication Sciences at the University of Valencia since 2005. He is a member of the Spanish Association for Communication Research. His research focuses on methodologies that quantify media discourse through bivariate X2 analysis, Pearson Rxy, Student’s t-tests (paired and independent/unpaired samples), variance analysis and multiple linear regression, among others (SPSS). In his research, he has used audiovisual constructs (fictional or informative) to demonstrate how the data corresponds with cognitive effects (empathy, identifying with characters, states of mind, etc.) and with pre- and post-test evaluations. He has analyzed the construction of audiovisual discourse in political communication to draw conclusions on audiovisual etiquette and how electoral candidates are treated. He has been a visiting researcher and produced scientific results in Chile, Argentina and the United Kingdom, as well as in numerous Spanish universities. He has led many international and national conferences, published several books and book chapters, as well as numerous scientific articles in renowned journals.