CFP Catalan Journal Monograph “Communication and dissent: competing voices in a post-truth world”

Call for papers “Communication and dissent: competing voices in a post-truth world” for the Catalan Journal of Communication & Cultural Studies. The monograph is coordinated by the editors:

  • Adolfo Carratalá, University of Valencia (Spain);
  • Guillermo López-García, University of Valencia (Spain);
  • María Iranzo-Cabrera, University of Valencia (Spain). 

The main goal of this special issue is to collect different approaches to the study of how communication and dissent interact in the context of social media, populism and misinformation. 


  • Impact of populism and polarization on political communication;
  • Media coverage of crisis in the post-truth era;
  • New voices claiming authority in the digital sphere;
  • Interaction between online and offline activism;
  • Fact-checking as a tool to fight against misinformation;
  • Spread of hoaxes in social media;
  • Logics and reception of conspiracy theories;
  • Alternative media contesting power;
  • Audience studies regarding to reactions to fake news and media credibility;
  • New roles and strategies of traditional media in the current environment.

Deadline for full proposals: 15 January 2022

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