"Activism, communication and social change in the digital age" Communication & Society, Vol 32, No 4

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Valera Ordaz, L.; López García G. (2019). "Activism, communication and social change in the digital age". Communication & Society, Vol 32, No 4. DOI: https://doi.org/10.15581/

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The concept of “activism” has always had a markedly polysemic character, as it can be applied to a huge variety of movements and situations. However, in recent times we have witnessed the proliferation of new forms and repertoires of collective action that can be included, or that require to be integrated, within the denomination of activism. The development of digital communication has allowed activists to spread and disseminate their messages more effectively and quickly, thereby facilitating their interaction with a variety of actors, such as potential supporters; the general public; political actors who play the role of either potential allies or antagonists; and, of course, with the news media, which are often listed as one of the most important targets of activists’ efforts.


Activism; Political communication; Social change; Digital communication, Political actors; Digital age.