“Contemporary Portrayals of Women and Feminity. A Case Study of Lifestyle Blogs in the U.S”. Journal of Research in Gender Studies 7(2), pp. 186-210

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López García, G. & Roca-Sales, M. (2017). “Contemporary Portrayals of Women and Feminity. A Case Study of Lifestyle Blogs in the U.S". Journal of Research in Gender Studies 7(2), pp. 186-210. Disponible aquí


This article explores contemporary portrayals of women and femininity in lifestyle blogs written and edited by millennial women in the United States. Based on a sample of three of the most popular lifestyle blogs currently in the U.S. this article attempts to identify and describe current portrayals of women to determine if they support a progressive or a conservative approach to femininity. The study we present in this paper is based on a dual methodology: content analysis and discourse analysis. Content analysis allows us to identify topics covered by the selected lifestyle blogs and their categorizations (sections in which they are published) whereas the discourse analysis helps determine the presence or absence of women stereotypes and how gender is represented. Results show some affinity between lifestyle blogs and women magazines with regards to topics covered although the editorial tone is more progressive in lifestyle blogs, leaning towards feminism and discarding conservative representations of femininity.

Palabras clave

journalism; stereotypes; Internet; blogs; women’s magazines; media

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