Referencia bibliográfica

Cano-Orón, L.; Mendoza-Poudereux, I. y Moreno-Castro, C. (2019). The rise of skepticism in Spanish political and digital media contexts. Journal of Science Communication, vol. 18, issue 3. DOI:

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Currently in Spain, there is a political and social debate over the use and sale of homeopathic products, which is promoted mainly by the skeptical movement. For the first time, this issue has become significant in political discourse. This study analyzes the role that homeopathy-related stories are playing in that political debate. We analyzed the viewpoints of headlines between 2015 and 2017 in eight digital dailies (n = 1,683), which published over 30 stories on homeopathy during the three-year study period. The results indicated that the stance on therapy’s lack of scientific evidence gained ground during the period studied.

Palabras clave

Health communication, Representations of science and technology, Science and media