«Political communication in election processes: an overview». Contemporary social science. Published online: 01 Jun 2018

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Political communication in election processes: an overview

Guillermo López García


Influenced by both the impact of digital technologies and the social and political changes experienced in Western societies, the processes of political communication have undergone profound transformations in recent years. This paper introduces the themed issue of Contemporary Social Science devoted to the topic, entitled ‘Election Campaigns and Political Communication’. The themed issue provides an overview of up-to-date interdisciplinary, international research that investigates the complex dynamics linking election campaigns and political communication in the era of internet. Without overlooking the theoretical contributions, the 11 papers that complete this special issue address various aspects related to the field of political communication from an eminently empirical perspective. The contributions are varied and have been presented by experts from diverse fields such as political science, communication or data science.

Palabras clave
Social media, internet, election campaigns, populism

Contemporary Social Science


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Guillermo López-García & José M. Pavía (2018). Political communication in election processes: an overview, Contemporary Social Science. DOI: 10.1080/21582041.2018.1479040